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i m glad to share some knowledge about eggs..

Most puzzling question regarding egg : 
Is egg a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
 This is the question puzzling many of us !
I myself didn't use to eat eggs thinking i should not as i am a vegetarian. But now i know eating eggs don't make you non-vegetarian ! 
Its actually apt to use the term "ovo-vegetarian" for those who consume eggs but does not eat animal flesh of any kind i.e meat, fish etc. 

Is it healthy to consume eggs?
Yes,of course ! It is the most complete protein one can have in his diet. By complete protein, it is meant that it contains all the nine essential amino acids needed by the body in right proportion. Egg protein is the standard against which the quality of other proteins is compared.
Egg contains all the nutrients except carbohydrates and Vitamin C.
Minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc and other trace elements are present.

Nutritive Value:(for 60 gms of egg)
Protein- 6g
Fat- 6g
Calcium- 30mg
Iron- 1.5mg
Energy- 70kcal

But what about Cholesterol in egg?
Yes, it does contain cholesterol also. The cholesterol content is 250mg/egg. But it does not matter because cholesterol is formed in the body endogenously and is controlled by what is known as feedback mechanism.
But, a reduction in intake of eggs is advised for those at risk of CHD (Coronary Heart Disease).

In what form should the egg be consumed?
It must be cooked before consumption. Boiling destroys 'avidin', a substance which prevents the body from obtaining biotin. (biotin is a B-complex vitamin.)

What all can be made from eggs?
Egg Curry
Boiled Egg
Poached Egg
Egg toast
Egg biryani etc.

So, enjoy eggs in various forms.
 "Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ANDE" ;)

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