Friday, 27 January 2012


Think of a complete health drink and the first thing that come to our mind is MILK ! Its benefits are numerous and valuable because of which we are often advised to drink at least one glass of milk everyday.

What are its benefits?
It contains almost all nutrients except Vit. C and Iron.

1.Protein source: It is complete source of protein, infact the best for vegetarians (Egg is also complete protein source). Thus, it is helpful for proper growth and maintenance of body.

2.Milk also provides Calcium. Calcium and Vit. D protect the body frombone loss. Calcium and phosphate together provide bone strength. Calcium also prevents migraine, headaches, pre-menstrual syndrome etc.

3.It provides good dental health by preventing tooth decay.

4.Vit. A present in milk provides immunity and prevents poor vision.

5.Mixing Isabgol with warm milk helps relieve constipation.

6.Potassium in milk is helpful for heart and maintains blood pressure.

What are the products of milk?
Various products can be made from milk such as curd, butter, cheese, ghee, ice cream, paneer etc.

Who should not consume milk?
Those having lactose intolerance and milk allergies should avoid taking milk.

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