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The sweet, ripe, yellow, easy-to-eat fruit has many health benefits.

Before stating its benefits, lets discuss its types first :
1. Red Bananas: Slightly sweeter than yellow bananas, they taste somewhat like raspberry.
2.Baby Bananas: The smallest and sweetest bananas.
3.Cavendish Bananas: They are used in baking and making fruit salads and are very popular in U.S.
There are many other types.

What are their benefits?
They are very nutritious, cheap and easily available.

1.Energy booster: This benefit of bananas make them loved by many athletes. They contain three tpes of sugars- sucrose, fructose and glucose.

2.Constipation: They are high in fiber that help in bowel movements, thus relieving constipation.

3.Blood Pressure and Stroke: They are very high in potassium and low in salt. potassium helps in balancing body fluids and electrolytes in body, thus regulating blood pressure. They also reduce the possibility of stroke.

4.Diarrhoea: They contain electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, calcium that are important for maintaining body fluid level, thus preventing dehydration. Thus, they are helpful in diarrhoea.

5.Anaemia: Bananas are also rich in iron, thus helps in formation of haemoglobin, So, can be given to those who are anaemic.

6.Depression: They help in improving the mood. This benefit is because of presence of an amino acid- tryptophan in them that is converted into serotonin by the body.

7.Hangover: Make a banana milkshake mixed with honey. It calms the stomach and depleted blood sugar levels are built up. Also the body is rehydrated.

8.Ulcers: Their softness and smoothness make them very useful in intestinal ulcers.

9.Smoking: They can help people quit smoking! as they contain Vit. A1, C, B6, B12, magnesium and potassium that helps body to recover from withdrawal effects of nicotine.

How to store bananas?
They are very soft, thus can be bruised easily. They should be kept at room temperature. Kept in refrigerator, their skin turn brown but the fruit will be edible.
In order to ripen bananas, they can be wrapped in newspaper or kept in brown paper bag with an apple.

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