Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Papaya is full of health benefits, besides being excellent in taste.
It contains soluble fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Among vitamins, it contains Vit. A and Vit. C .
It also contains enzymes- Arginine (essential for male fertility) and Carpain (considered good for heart).

What are its benefits?
1.Prevents Constipation: It helps in preventing constipation. Also, it helps in digestion due to presence of protein papain.

2.Strengthens Immune System: It helps boosting the immune system as it contains Vit. A & Vit. C..

3.Lowers Cholesterol: It prevents cholesterol from oxidizing as it contains antioxidants.

4.It reduces inflammation, cleans blood and is also helpful in irregular menstruation.

5.Its seeds help remove intestinal worms.

6. Skin Benefits: It has skin healing properties and provides moisture and protection to the skin.

7.Hair benefits: It keeps hair soft and shiny and also prevent dandruff.

How to store papayas?
The ripe fruit should be stored in fridge covered in plastic bag.

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  1. It is really a good food i eat it almost everyday both as vegetable & fruit........


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