Sunday, 12 August 2012


Speaking about the sweet, juicy and delicious vegetable,it has got numerous health benefits.

Why are they red in colour?
The red colour is due to beta-carotene present in them. More the red colour of tomatoes, more is the beta-carotene present in them.

What are its benefits?

1.High in Vitamins: It has a lot of Vit. C and A (because it contains beta-carotene), thus having antioxidant properties.

2.Protects from heart diseases: It has this property due to presence of potassium, Vit. B6 and folate in good amounts. Potassium helps lowering high blood pressure. Vit. B6 and folate helps converting homocysteine (which can damage vessel walls) into harmless molecules.

3.Protects from Cancer: It is because of presence of substance called lycopene, thus reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men, also from stomach cancer and colorectal cancer.

4.Beneficial in Eyesight: Vitamin A in tomatoes is essential for good vision. It protects the uppermost surface of eye, the cornea. Vit. A deficiency can lead to night blindness and corneal ulcers.

5.Helps regulating blood sugar (Good for diabetics!): Chromium, a mineral, present in tomatoes in good amounts, helps diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

6.Strengthens Bones: Vitamin K in tomatoes promotes bone health.

7.Benefits for Skin: It cleanses the face naturally. Lycopene does this work. also, it provides protection against Ultravoilet rays. Its cooling elements and astringent properties prove excellent for skin. Thus, a very magical and handy way to get glowing skin.

8.Benefits for hair: It makes the hair strong and shiny as it has Vit. A.

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